Thrive Productions is an independent production company that was formed in 2010 by Elmer J. Howard. Our motto is “Changing The World One Production at a Time.”
Elmer and Thrive Productions have been involved with numerous independent films in the Phoenix area.

“The older I get, the more I look at movies as a moving miracle. Audiences are harder to please if you’re just giving them special effects… but they’re easy to please if it’s a good story.” ~ Steven Spielberg

Production Services

We offer full and technical production services.

Production Accounting

Our accounting department has over 50 years of accounting experience.

Director Services

Hire our accomplished director for your next production.

Photography Services

Our professional photographer can help with headshots, production stills, and other photography needs.

Our Films
  • The highly emotionally charged story of three generations of fathers & sons: expectations, disappointments, & bitterness, the women that got hurt along the way, and the great wealth whose accumulation created as many problems as it solved.
  • Erik is an easy-going, middle-age gay male who has everything. The only thing missing in his life is love. He desperately wants to share his life with Martin, a young, feisty gay male writer he meets online. It was love at first sight the instant Erik saw Martin’s picture. The...
  • A young woman struggles to survive and make sense of the horrific parts of her formative years.
  • Noted ADD/HD expert, author, and thought leader, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, illuminates, educates, and empowers those who have ADD/HD and those who love them. In this journey you'll come to understand why Dr. Kevin has been referred to as having the Owner's Manual to the ADD Brain . Learn why...