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The Independent Entertainer 12-06-13

Listen to the 2nd episode that aired Friday, December 6th, as The Independent Entertainer host Elmer J. Howard interviews award-winning Producer and Director Tray Goodman.

Tray Goodman’s accomplishments:

  • New community tv show.
  • New book “crushing your box” (a guide to finding your creative positive energy source ) He has worked with Greater Purpose Project: WorldWide is an independent, global network of complementary,  wholly-owned agencies. We are engineers, craftsmen and artists making  things that inspire people to participate and act.
  • He has worked for many years as a live TV multi-camera director

His credits include:

  • 2012 The Mid-Life Crisis Guide to Strippers (Short) (co-producer)
  • 2011 Voyage Trekkers (TV Series) (executive producer – 10 episodes)
  • 2010 Zombie Team Building (Short) (executive producer)
  • 2009 Masters of Daring (Short) (executive producer)
  • 2003 Footprints of God: Peter Keeper of the Keys (Video documentary) (creative director)
  • 1999 Forever Midnight (producer)
  • 1996 Unfair Game (producer, writer)